It is important that you report your lost or stolen UO ID Card immediately especially if your ID is programmed for building access or if you have funds in your UO Campus Cash account.

Once deactivated, your UO ID card will not be accepted for Campus Cash or at areas on campus that require you to swipe your UO ID card for identification.

If your ID is programmed for building access, please notify DPS as soon as possible to have the access portion of the card deactivated.

If you locate your ID Card after reporting it lost, simply bring it to the UO Card Office and we will reactivate your card for use.

FOUND SOMEBODY'S UO ID? Please route all found UO ID's to the UO Card Office. We are located in Room 12 on the lower level of the EMU. You can also mail it to: PO Box 3600, Eugene, OR 97403-1228. The sooner the ID is returned to the UO Card Office, the more likely it is we can prevent a fee incurred for a replacement ID.

Report Your Card Lost/Stolen

In Person:
UO Card Office

The Break Pool Hall [across from UO Card Office]
Monday-Thursday: 9am-midnight
Friday: 10am-midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 11am-midnight

By Phone:
UO Card Office
[541] 346.3113

Break Pool Hall
[541] 346.3711

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Broken/Nonfunctioning Cards

If your card has broken or stopped working, please bring us what remains of your previously issued ID and we may be able to replace it for no charge.

    If you have punched a hole in your ID Card, we will NO LONGER be replacing these ID's for free.
We recommend that you DO NOT punch a hole in your ID Card. Hole-punching your ID weakens the ID causing it to break more easily. Also, if you have punched a hole over your photo, name, status, ID number, barcode or magstripe; you may cause your card not to function properly for you. If you want to have your ID hanging from a lanyard or key ring, there are ID holders that can be purchased at the UO Card Office, Duckstore, and other locations around campus.

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Replace Your Card

You can get a replacement card at the UO Card Office. Replacement cards are subject to a fee and require presentation of government issued photo identification.

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